The “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast, Episode 4 – My Life With Music Part 2: 80’s Pop, Michael Jackson, Breakdancing, and The Beatles


HEY EVERYBODY, it is I, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, back with Episode 4 of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast.

This time around I’m still on the music beat, continuing to slog through my history as a fan of pop music in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and beyond.

Picking up where we left off, I take a look at my youthful interest in 80’s pop music, my falling for the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson, my stint as a breakdancer, and my intense but short-lived time listening to The Beatles.

The WWE Royal Rumble was recently in the books when I recorded this, so I also give a quick shout to some Rumble memories of days gone by, as well as a tip of the cap to the 20th Anniversary of the video game Final Fantasy VII.

Episode 4 of the MSGV Podcast is available here, or from the I See Robots Radio Network on iTunes, Stitcher, or anywhere else podcast feeds congregate.

Episode 4 Show Notes –



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