The “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast, Episode 2 – Failures in Skateboarding


HEY EVERYONE, it is I, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, back with the second episode of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast on the I See Robots Radio Network!

Today’s show is a look at my failed attempts to hang out with skateboard kids back when I was in 6th grade. It’s a humbling tale of self deprecation, but also a reminder that even the world’s biggest dweeb can come out OK on the other side. And I still contend that T&C Surf Design tees were the coolest!

Join us for this trip to the days when Lucero t-shirts were aplenty, Thrasher magazines were ubiquitous, and skateboarders took their protocol more seriously than Robert’s Rules of Order at a Rotary Club Meeting.

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Episode 2 Show Notes –

Farewell Santa Claus. We dug you here at Sensational Manor, but those days are done, and it’s time to rip that band-aid off…


The Robotech Role-Playing Game will always be the gold standard for the Fall and early Winter in the mind of “Mr. Sensational.”


Interestingly, I associate the Invid Invasion book with the Spring. Bookends, figuratively and literally I suppose…


Was there ever a marketing campaign that got you more juiced up for Christmas presents (before you even realized Christmas season was coming) than Tyco…of course?


Here’s a handy guide to the difference between stone-washed and acid-washed jeans. Essential!


I hadn’t looked at the old T&C Surf Design t-shirts in a good 20 years or more before recording this episode. They still hold up super well, imo. Why didn’t these fools ever have their own cartoon? Apparently the cast of characters are officially known as “Da’ Boys,” and were conceived by a fellow named Steve Nazar.


Love these comic book cover inspired designs:



The infamous Schmidt Stick caged creature:


Some skateboard kids from the ’80s. They’ve got the protocol down!


This was the Per Wellinder deck I had in 6th grade. The Cadillac of skateboards!


Until next time, thanks for listening!


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