Metro Pro Wrestling – Show 126 – Ryan Drago Says Goodbye

JAZZ, ROCK AND ROLL, whatever other stuff people tend to claim are uniquely American art forms…they all pale in comparison to professional wrestling, imo.

Part of the genre’s magic, I think, is that even when watching smaller indy shows–if one allows themselves to suspend disbelief and accept the logic of pro wrestling–one finds themselves temporarily drawn into a world that feels just as big and real as WWE with all of its glitz and production.

Behind the magic are the performers who are able to turn it on and entertain in front of 10 people, 20 people, 100 people, etc. just the same as they would before thousands. It’s this heart of the indy wrestler, a heart that persists despite a lack of proper pay and recognition, that makes it all the sweeter when an indy performer gets a shot at the big time.


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