Video Game Question #1

Mappy MarqueeON THE TOPIC of video games and, in this case, other people’s houses, did anyone ever experience the following?

Maybe you weren’t the first on your block to come strapped with a 2600, or later an NES, or whatever the equivalent console might be, but you knew some fool who had one of the machines in question. Or maybe even multiple machines. But every time you went to the fool’s house and wanted to play the machines, he’d no-sell you and want to do something wack instead?

The worst example of this I ever encountered personally happened when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I went to visit a friend of mine, and a new kid had moved in next door. The new kid’s dad worked for a company that distributed arcade games, so the cabinets were all stored in the new kid’s house while awaiting transportation. THEY WERE ALSO ALL PLUGGED IN AND SET UP TO PLAY FREE OF CHARGE. But this MF had no interest in playing them. WTF?

Part of me wants to go back in time and sock that fool in the dome. Ignoring a free, in-home arcade is basically sacrilege in the Gino Vegan Universe. The GVU, as it were.


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