NES Renegade Port

ALTHOUGH I HAVE no idea how the NES port of Renegade would hold up today, I really enjoyed it when I was in 7th grade.

I remember someone loaned it to me on the eve of Thanksgiving weekend. Four days home from school! Unfortunately report cards were due to arrive in the mail by weekend’s end. My grades weren’t that bad, but my mom always had a conniption fit about them when they came home regardless. She was thoroughly unable to comprehend the gimmick of raising low quarter grades to higher semester grades, semester grades being the ones that “counted” (though in retrospect, none of them counted).

So I knew my time with Renegade was limited. Even while I savored the hours sitting in front of our television set and roundhouse kicking fools by way of my NES controller, I was cognizant of the fact that another shoe was about to drop. And soon enough it did. Goodbye Renegade. We never met again.


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