The Importance of MC Hammer

WHEN I WAS in 7th grade, a lot of fools were really into MC Hammer. Like, into Hammer enough to beat your ass if you weren’t a fan. I once saw a fool get shoved in the food court for mock dancing to a Hammer song that was playing over the school loudspeakers. Fools took their Hammer seriously. I wonder how many of them are still down? BTW, anyone remember when Hammer went semi-gangsta for awhile?

Gangsta Party - Snoop, Hammer & 2Pac

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  1. Went to a Washington Wizards NBA game yesterday. During one timeout there was a bit where they showed pre-recorded video of the Wizards and Capitals mascots hanging out with MC Hammer randomly in the stadium. They both give him Wizards and Capitals jerseys, respectively, with “Hammer” on the back, and in return Hammer hands them a box. They open it up, then look at each other….

    The video ends and the mascots run out to center court in real life wearing gold lame “hammer pants” and proceed to bust Hammer-type dancing at midcourt. The timeout ends and the game resumes.

    Most random bit ever, but apparently Hammer is still relevant. I can imagine that in Oakland, but why is he cutting promos for Washington DC sports teams?

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