Stone Cold E.T.

THIS STRANGE, YET on second though perfectly sensible pairing of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and E.T. (of Extra Terrestrial fame) was first brought to our attention here at the MSGV offices by our pal Danny.

Not to get too cliche, but it’s almost a chocolate and peanut butter kind of thing. Fitting, since if I remember correctly, E.T. is down for Reese’s Pieces.

Normally I’m not into stunts that are performed at the expense of low wage customer service workers (it’s a hang up of mine), but this was pretty harmless, and honestly I would be stoked if it happened while I was working at whatever fastfood joint this is. So sit back and enjoy some SCET. And if you’re down with that, GIMME A HELL YEAH! OH…HELL…YEAH!


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