The Return of Mr. Sensational + Just When I Thought It Was Safe to Barely Pay Attention to the Latest Season of TUF Out of the Corner of My Eye, I Found Out I Have to Watch it Full-on…


HELLO TO THE tens of ones whose presence has graced this blog over the last year or so.

Due to attention span issues, the madness of the holidays, and a myriad of personal failures and triumphs (and all points in between) entries have been sparse in recent weeks, but we here at Sensational HQ promise a re-commitment to the blogosphere forthwith!

On tap we’ve got ruminations about living a life in one’s hometown, reminiscences of the days when cigarettes and magazines dominated supermarkets, and all the over-analysis of meaningless OCD-geek idolatry you’ve come to expect at The Most Sensational Blog in the Blogosphere.

In the meantime a brief note: a few months ago MSGV staff were tasked with the burden of paying close attention to the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality show, due to the presence of a cast member who hails from here in Santa Rosa, CA. I say “burden” only because, as fun as it was to chart the course of Santa Rosa’s own Dom Waters, the TUF show as a whole has “jumped the shark” format-wise, and it isn’t something that would have garnered the same amount of MSGV scrutiny without there being a local player.

Well, that season has come and gone, and the next one debuts tonight on FX. Word on the street has it that this will be the last season of TUF on FX, as UFC programming will be rerouted to a different, newly sports-branded Fox channel, and so I figured I’d let the show play out in the background on Tuesday nights, focusing closely only if monumental developments warranted.

HOWEVER, it has come to my attention that once again a member of the cast (one Collin Hart, 4-1-1 in mixed martial arts competition) is fighting out of…you guessed it…SANTA ROSA, CA.

And so we feel that just as in the case of Dom Waters last season, it’s our duty at the MSGV blog to chronicle Santa Rosa’s showing in the world of eight-sided cage combat. Therefore, congratulations Mr. Hart. Best of luck to you and we look forward to seeing how things shake out.

More on Collin Hart tomorrow, and more in the general world of Gino Veganism soon to come!


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