A Work in Progress by Miss Sensational I

death-from-sandmanONECE A PON a time in a small village there lived a girl by the name of Daisy Parkanson. Daisy had jet black hair and allways wore a neat plaid dress. Daisy had but one friend her name was Sheron. All the other kid at Daisy’s school siad she was weird. Soon it was winter time. Huge slopes of snow where laying in great monds. Evrey day of winter Daisy whoud wiat for Sheron and thay whould go sleding on Sheron’s sled.

After sleding Daisy and Sheron headed over to the ice rink. Weird or not it was a comen fact Daisy was a good skater. Later thay went to Daisy’s for hot coco. Daisy and Sheron made ginger bread to go with their hot coco. It was fun. Daisy huged Sheron good bye. After dinner Daisy whent to bed. It had been a successful snow day.

The next day Daisy was not well. Sheron and Daisy’s homes where next to each other. Sheron and Daisy had atached a long pice of string to the two houses. Sheron atached a basket to the string she sent over candy a movie and a note the note said

Dear Daisy

Get well soon.



Daisy watched the movie and ate candy. The next day she was feeling better.


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