Dom “Sho Nuff” Waters/TUF 16 Catchup and Update Extravaganza!

I’VE BEEN LAGGING like a mother on my Dom Waters/TUF 16 updates, mainly because the show is pretty boring to watch, the updates have been tedious to crank out (Dom Waters hasn’t fought or anything yet on the show ** At the time of this posting, Dom Waters HAS fought, see below **), and TUF 16 posts get about one to two hits, each.

That being said, the time has come to revisit Santa Rosa, CA’s own Dom “Sho Nuff” Waters, a member of Roy Nelson’s team on The Ultimate Fighter, Season 16.

Dom Waters exploded on the scene during TUF 16’s first episode, scoring an impressive uppercut KO in his bid to get into the house. It was also disclosed on this first episode that Mr. Waters hails from the same base of operations as ‘Mr. Sensational’ Gino Vega (Santa Rosa, CA), so he immediately piqued our interest here at Sensational HQ.

Then in the following weeks he sort of disappeared. He was still on the show’s cast and everything, just not featured in more than a brief cameo here or there.

Two weeks ago though, if memory serves me correctly, it looked like the situation was about to change. Team Nelson had the pick for the next fight, and, after randomly making his pick via a number guessing game, Roy Nelson ended up with Dom as his fighter.

Roy, however, wouldn’t choose Dom’s opponent. He wanted Dom to do the choosing himself, but Dom wanted nothing of it, so Roy incoherently dug in his heels and ultimately let Dom take a pass, causing some other wack ass fight to go down instead. I don’t even remember what it was..

Oh yeah! It was the smart mouth/cocky guy (Matt Secor) vs. the Canadian muscle-head who reminds me of a hybrid between Christian and Bret Hart (Michael Hill). I think Christian Hart won via a bad decision.

Then, after much-ado-about-nothing on the Dom Waters front, another week passed, until last Friday the seemingly impossible became reality: WE SAW OUR FIRST SIGNIFICANT APPEARANCE OF DOM WATERS SINCE THE WEEK ONE KO! Granted, it wasn’t a fighting appearance, but it was meaningful screen-time nonetheless, and again he did Santa Rosa proud.

In the wake of the season’s fights (and the season itself, really) being pretty uninspiring, the episode began with Dana White showing up at the house and berating the fighters for their lack of electricity. To be honest, I think Dana should look in the mirror and take a good deal of blame for regurgitating the same format too many time in succession, but whatever, the fighters got told.

After being dressed down by Dana White, Christian Hart somehow thought the most appropriate response was to go on a massive drinking binge, and once intoxicated he began getting into it with some dude who was kicking back wearing a hoodie (Neal Magny). This dude soberly and calculatedly tore Christian Hart down with a scathing, verbal critique.

Then, not to be outdone, the whiny/meltdown Pink Mohawk fighter (Julian Lane, of “let me bang, bro” fame) came on the scene out of nowhere and began his own mini-binge, chugging beers and smashing his head into walls and such, which somehow (I can’t remember the specifics) led to him getting into it with DOM WATERS. Dom looked like he was ready and able to pick this Mohawk fool apart, but the two were kept seperated until Mohawk fool eventually hurled and passed out or whatever.

Now, had I actually finished writing this update last Friday morning like I intended, the above would have been the end. But I didn’t, and in the meantime another episode has aired…an episode that featured DOM “SHO NUFF” WATERS IN FIGHT ACTION!

After weeks of anticipation the moment finally came. Dom Waters was slated to fight Mike Ricci, the annoyingly well-groomed “American Psycho” looking guy who’s actually from Canada. We got a little insight into Dom’s admirable Marine background, the two squared off and…the results were pretty lackluster. The fight went three rounds with Ricci winning by decision. Such a bummer, but what are you going to do? Dom seemed genuinely down about his loss, but it’s cool. His KO debut was still the most exciting thing that happened on the show all season.

So props to Dom Waters. Thanks for injecting the UFC with some Santa Rosa. And as for me, unless something further develops on the Dom Waters front, I’m out re: updates for the remainder of the TUF 16 season.


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