TUF 16/Dom Waters Update Week 4

AFTER WATCHING UFC on FX followed by Bellator last Friday night, I was so burnt on non-marquee MMA that I never wanted to watch the sport again. But I still had TUF 16 in my queue.

Honestly, I would have given up on this show weeks ago if it weren’t for the presence of Santa Rosa’s own Dom “Sho Nuff” Waters, the contestant who made such a big splash in week one with a dramatic uppercut knock out.

Unfortunately last Friday’s episode of TUF featured another week of reality TV inanity and, once more, very little Dom Waters.

It’s a testament to Mr. Waters though that while he’s only been shown for a few seconds here and there, he’s appeared head and shoulders more coherent, serious, and lucid than the chuckleheads who’ve garnered most of the screen time.

In the spirit of further disclosure, I’ll admit I watched week four of TUF 16 mainly on fast forward, so I don’t remember the episode very well. I think a rather serious fellow took on the whiny/prankster mohawk guy. Oh yeah, that’s right. Mohawk guy lost and then had a meltdown.

Really, no offense to the fighters, especially the ones who seem to be taking the sport seriously and not trying to play for reality TV attention, but this show is dreadful. Hopefully next week we’ll see Dom bring the boom. I think I said that same thing last week, but it’s no less true this time around.


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