TUF 16/Dom Waters Update, Week 3

ANOTHER WEEK OF TUF 16 is in the books, and again, Santa Rosa’s own Dom “Sho Nuff” Waters wasn’t really in the mix. You could see him in a few group shots of Roy Nelson’s team, but that was about it. It’s cool, though. Any week now, Dom is going to bust another uppercut out of nowhere, and Santa Rosa will be back on the reality TV/MMA map.

In the meantime, it was another week of annoying bickering between the more boisterous of the cast members leading up to this week’s fight.

I liked both fighters going into the bout on this episode. The buffed dude with the curly hair seemed like a solid guy, even if he got a little TMI about his pre-fight coupling habits with his wife. On the other hand, the red-headed always-smiling dude is a great personality and one of the few fighters who, thus far, has been effective at selling his schtick, without veering into “go home heat” territory.

I would’ve been happy with a win from either, so no complaints from me when the buffed dude with the curly hair emerged victorious. It was a win for Roy Nelson’s team, too, so a win for Dom Waters by extension.

To be honest, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the fight, or this episode in general, because I’d just finished watching Bellator and I was kind of burnt on non-marquee MMA for the evening.

If it weren’t for Dom Waters I’m not sure how closely I’d be following the rest of this series, but as it is I’ll keep tuning in weekly to check on the progress of Santa Rosa’s own.


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