TUF 16/Dom Waters Update…


I WATCHED TUF last night, and Santa Rosa’s own Dom “Sho Nuff” Waters didn’t play a big part on the show. In fact, I don’t even remember him being on it. Whatever. He’ll be back next week.

Unfortunately, he’s on Roy Nelson’s team, and so far Big Country is being depicted as a kind of a tool. He isn’t working the fools out much, and the show was edited to make his first fight pick look bad.

Speaking of which, that fight was annoying. I was pulling for the silent samurai BJJ dude, but he got his ass handed to him by the rangy, strikey, birthday boy. Oh well.

In other news, that pink mohawk guy is kind of annoying. Actually most of the fighters are annoying, except for Dom Waters, the silent samurai, and the “math teacher.” Also, I didn’t know Shane Carwin was a mechinical engineer. How about that? Back with more updates, next week.


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