Crismis in September

APPARENTLY Miss Sensational I is working overtime, as she’s already busted a Christmas list, and a quite detailed one at that. I found it on the fireplace this morning.

[Miss Sensational I’s] Crismis List

1. Vary efectiv ear plugs

2. a beity kit

3. a cat colring book

4. set of pens

5. Princ doll as tall as this line [a line then extends from number 5 on the list down to number 27]

6. new books.

7. china tea set

8. fake glasses

9. box of tik taks

10. kitty cat toy

11. cat food for summr and midnhit [Sensational Kittens]

12. box of cat treats

13. parisol

14. candy

15. prtend septer

16. camping gear

17. borad game

18. prtend cell phone

19. modol train set

20. a reol prinses doll

21. a reol prinses dress

22. a reol mrmiad tail

23. tedy bear

24. cat slipres

25. new kite

26. sience kit

27. fake crown

28. prinses shose

Dear Santa

I have been vary good so plese give me presens. We also have crotts for the rindeer I got you a present so plese open it when you get home happy chrismas [Miss Sensational I], [smiley face], [heart shaped smiley face]


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