Don’t Call it a Comeback…Nor a Regular Jam

AFTER AN OPPRESIVELY busy summer and some other obstacles, the Dr. Jekyll I share personal space with has agreed to let the old Vegster out long enough to resume maintaining this blog.

I’ve got a bunch of crap on deck to write about…recent forays into the world of (watching) MMA and Puroresu, video games and my inability to get around to playing them, adventures in family life…basically what I’ve already written about here, but soon to be repeated again for your reading pleasure.

In the meantime, I’ll say it’s been a weird, yet pretty good last four months. I was at a low point in May, but since then I’ve pulled things together and feel better than I have in years, despite the persistent nag that somehow it’ll all fall apart again in cosmic retribution for past sins.

But whatever, enjoy it while it lasts, right?

As part of getting back into the squared circle of mental health I’ve cut down on my outward social expression. I’m bad at filtering things, and whenever I engage in social activity I spend days afterward “post-event-processing” and beating myself up for my shameful behavior.

So over the summer I spent most of my time at home, centering myself and trying to return to a point where I’m thankful and content for what I already have, without feeling the need to go out into the world searching for more. Discontinuing this blog and other creative pursuits was part of the journey.

Still, it’s hard to be Gino Vega without any avenues of creative expression, and thus the blog is back. Or I guess it’s still here. Because, as the man says, “Don’t call it a comeback.” And who am I to argue with that command?

(I included the “Unplugged” rendition of “Mama Said Knock You Out,” because, while the original recording and its attendant music video are probably better, this one features a roided out dude with a perm playing acoustic guitar)

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