I See Robots Radio #35

I See Robots Radio #35 Green HulkTHE VENERABLE “I See Robots Radio” show has posted its 35th episode over at iseerobots.com. I See Robots has been/continues to be a huge inspiration to everything that happens here at ginovega.wordpress.com, so check it out. One of my favorite Hulk depictions, as well.

Episode description via iseerobots.com: “This week we take a peek at Power Records Seminal release: The Incredible Hulk in The Black Chasm. What I did is I took the awesome story of Bruce Banner getting a job at a coal mine as an bookkeeper and mixed it with some beats and some cool little bits of Hulk this and that as well as some new tunes that I’ve been listening to lately…

  1. Choices: Asher Roth ft. Action Bronson
  2. Off The Books: The Beatnuts
  3. In Trouble: Showbiz and AG
  4. Barry Horowitz: Action Bronson
  5. Paper Thin (MF Doom Remix): MC Lite
There is a pretty good Interview with Chael Sonnen about his involvment with Stone Cold Steve Austin in there somewhere so make sure to look out for that and as always, Tell a friend!”
Link to I See Robots Radio #35 here.

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