Marvel “Civil War” Prose Novel??

I LIKE comic books. They were a huge influence on me as a child, and still are today. The first issue of a comic book that I can really remember clearly was Brave and the Bold #166. It was published in 1980, so I would have been around four or five years old when I bought it from…a Greyhound station in downtown Atascadero, CA?

Brave and the Bold #166In this one, Batman teamed up with Black Canary to take on the Penguin. I recall being totally infatuated with Black Canary. I think for some reason she spent a lot of time in her underwear in this issue? Strangely, now that I think of it, my earliest awareness of/interest in/fear of females came from comic book and cartoon characters, and Black Canary is right there at the top of the list. Wow, she was great. Ok, probably time to change the subject.

The point is, I like comic books. I wish I had the time and money to follow them more closely, but they lie just beneath a few other, more pressing interests that consume my hobbyist resources.

That being said, I don’t completely understand the interest in comic book adaptations. I know I’m in the minority here, but super hero movies don’t do a lot for me. If you enjoy them, more power to you, but it’s usually too jarring for me to watch movie stars playing the role of characters who have their own life in my mind based on years of following them on the page. For me, Tony Stark is Tony Stark. He isn’t Robert Downey Jr. Further, it doesn’t seem as if one can possibly do the same kind of justice to the medium in a 1.5-2 hour long film that’s already done by the medium itself. Again, it’s just my opinion, but I don’t completely understand the appeal.

However, I stumbled across a kind of adaptation today that’s even more confounding. While the movies don’t do it for me, I can certainly understand how they might for others. But this??

Marvel Civil War novel adaptationI know novelizations of comic books aren’t new, and I even remember having a few novels adapted from comics when I was a kid, but seriously, a novelization of Marvel’s “Civil War” story arc, when you can buy and read the comics in their original form? I dunno. The need to constantly adapt a medium that’s already perfect as it is doesn’t make sense to me. Then again, I guess it all makes Marvel money, which means more comics for the rest of us. If we actually had the time, money, or energy to buy and read them.

Link to info on Marvel’s “Civil War” novelization here.


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