Katy Perry Reveals Poster For Upcoming 3D Movie! Encourages Viewers to “Be Yourself” So They Can “Be Anything!” Possible Bonus Pool Party!

I’M NOT ENTIRELY SURE who Katy Perry is, but it seems as if she, or at least the public persona that’s been branded with her name, is a pop singer. I just ‘Googled’ her while writing this, and I’m actually familiar with some of her songs. That doesn’t surprise me, since my chauffuering of Miss Sensational I and Miss Sensational II to their schools and other destinations often involves a steady diet of Radio Disney or Z100. In fact, it was either Radio Disney or Z100 that put Katy Perry on my radar this morning.

During my hazy drive to drop off Ms. Sensational I for the final Monday of her 1st Grade year, I was snapped out of my morning reverie by a man shouting about Katy Perry’s upcoming 3D movie. According to this man, a movie poster was recently revealed for the film, and, not only that, in anticipation of the movie, Katy Perry herself will be hosting a pool party at the Beverly Hills Hilton, a pool party that one lucky fan might be able to attend via a contest.

Since Mr. Sensational likes to stay on the cutting edge of popular happenings, as seen, for instance, by his keen interest in the recently released Battleship flick…yes THAT Battleship…he just had to know more about Katy Perry, her 3D movie, and her pool party. Keep in mind, there’s nothing like a straight up pool party. Except for, maybe, a pizza party.

Anyhow, it looks as if the movie will be called “Part of Me 3D.” The movie poster depicts a young woman (I’m assuming this is Katy Perry?) in a cluttered, kitschy room, singing into a hairbrush as if it were a microphone. She is standing in front of a mirror, and her reflection is that of a blue-haired woman in a Jessica Rabbit sort of getup, but don’t get excited, she’s no Jessica Rabbit. The tag-line for the poster reads “Be yourself and you can be anything.”

Kind of a strange maxim, since self-identifying as ‘yourself’ seems, by definition, to limit one’s options as to what else one could be, but whatever, I get the point. Live your dreams! You gotta be you! Be true to yourself and you too can become a glittery pop star, or whichever other ‘anything’ might suit your fancy!

Taking this to heart, I’ve now moved into the bathroom to finish writing, but even though I’m elbow dropping a towel in front of a mirror in between key strokes, I have yet to morph into a WWE Superstar. Still, it’s a nice and comforting thought that with enough “me-ness” the transformation might become complete, and I’m grateful that Katy Perry, or at least her handlers, are looking out for and inspiring us.

As for the pool party, a quick trip to ryanseacrest.com informs one that Team Seacrest is giving away “the chance to win a trip for 2 including roundtrip coach airfare, 2 nights hotel accommodations at the Beverly Hilton, admission to the pool party, and a meet and greet with Katy.” No wonder there was so much shouting on the radio.

To be honest, I thought for a second about entering the contest, but I’ve already closed the window in my browser, and now it feels like the moment was lost. Still, I guess it would be pretty sweet to win. Could you imagine?

In closing, I hadn’t given Katy Perry much thought before this morning. I think the extent of my knowledge regarding KP (aside from her songs that I’d heard but didn’t know were performed by her) was limited to hearing her name mentioned by a few 30/40-something indie friends of mine who were dissing her, or enjoying a parody of her on another blog, or something along those lines. Funny thing is, those same people often have no problem swallowing way whacker public personalities, so whatever. If you’re going to embrace popular culture, you may as well go big or go home. Katy Perry’s got a 3D movie coming out AND a pool party, so step off and “don’t hate.”

I hope I’ve now exorcised this demon and I’ll never have to mention it again. It was one of those passing things that caught my fancy, and I felt the need to kick it down the line in an obsessive kind of way. In the meantime though, I will admit to you that I’ve since donned a silver lucha mask and a blue sequined cape. I just gave myself a chairshot to the head, but still nothing. Maybe I’ve got to do it in 3D? Or maybe I need to pick a different ‘anything.’


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