Jimmy Hart Karaoke, Q & A, and Signing Event – 6/11 Deer Park, NY

Jimmy Hart Karaoke AdSOMETIMES LIVING IN Northern, CA rules. Our particular area is within spitting distance of beaches, redwoods, and vineyards on one end, and every major urban amenity a person could ask for on the other. You can’t shake a stick at the weather. Traffic isn’t even that big of a deal in these parts, relatively speaking. It’s a pretty chill existence. BUT, we NEVER, and I mean NEVER get shit like this here. Pisses me off sometimes. Oh well, if you happen to live in or around Deer Park, more power to you my friends. Enjoy.

On MONDAY NIGHT, June 11, at 6 PM…Wrestling fans far and wide are going to be hearing the “Sounds of Heaven”!! JIMMY “THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH” HART, will be singing LIVE and in person! Yes, you read right…A special group of fans will have the honor to not only hear Jimmy Hart sing some of the best songs from the last 50 years, but they too will have the opportunity to sing WITH Jimmy….on stage…to some of the very best karaoke hits out there!!!”

This event was brought to my attention here, at WrestlingFigs.com. More information about the event itself can be found here.

Jimmy Hart WWE ice cream bar adBTW, I’m glad this little blurb caused me to look up images of Jimmy Hart, which led me to this ice cream bar ad. It’s cool and all that CM Punk brought the ice cream bar back into popular consciousness, but in doing so, he’s kind of linked it to himself and the current day. Nice to dig back down to those old school roots.

And, speaking of karaoke, Jimmy Hart, and old school, here’s Jimmy performing with his band The Gentrys back in 1965, his pre-wrestling gig:


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