Hell Hath No Fury Like a Gamer Nerd Scorned

I definitely get where holmes is coming from here:

Granted, I don’t give a crap about Diablo (fodder for a future entry), but this clip (which I originally saw here, courtesy of Kotaku.com), sums up how I feel about the ongoing struggles with THQ’s servers for WWE 12. I think my situation is worse though, because, while WWE 12 isn’t an obscure indie game or anything, there isn’t, hasn’t, and won’t ever be nearly the mass rage that’s already been rallied against Diablo III.

So basically, while irate Diablo III players have each other to lean on, I’m stuck here crying by myself, dreaming of a day when I might finally be able to use Community Creations to recreate every major indie roster in North American professional wrestling. Until then, “WWE 12 server unavailable.”

Interestingly, in the midst of writing this post, I came across the following clip:

So I guess I’m not alone after all. I suppose this also makes my segue from Diablo III to WWE 12 completely redundant. Could’ve just started with the WWE 12 clip. Then again, the WWE 12 ‘ranter’ is strangely lackadaisical about the whole thing and doesn’t truly represent the level of rage that’s appropriate to the situation, so the Diablo angle still serves a purpose.

Final note: the only real upside of the WWE 12 server debacle is that it’s produced some of the most hilarious corporate/PR statements I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I’ll have to dig up a few example one of these days. Gotta run for now, though. I have a rage soaked date with a stationary bike, visions of a downloadable Masato Yoshino who is so close but just out of reach dominating the agitated seas of my imaginal horizon.

Oh, and have fun, my Diablo playing friends!

  1. dude, i feel you on this.. It’s a clusterfuck and a half. I’ve tried to download this sweet Jake The Milkman Milliman like a million times with no success.. Fuck them and their ghetto ass servers…

  2. What’s a better MMA game, if you are into single player, career mode type stuff? EA or UFC? Figured you may have experience with one or both.

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