MSGV Ep. 5

HEY EVERYBODY, it is I, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, back with Episode 5 of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast.

Episode 5 is available here.

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On this episode I talk about a recent All Pro Wrestling show I attended in Daly City, CA, where I saw the likes of Cody Rhodes, Zack Sabre Jr., and Pentagon Jr.

Then I return to my look back at the music I was a fan of growing up. This time around it’s all about thrash metal, the war between “rockers” and “rappers” at my junior high school, and my discovery of the band Faith No More (which eventually led to my interest in punk rock music, the next and final chapter on Episode 6).

I totally flaked on show notes for Episode 4, but I’m back on the ball here for our 5th installment.

Episode 5 Show Notes –

Unfortunately there isn’t really a music video or anything to go with Roddy Piper’s rendition of “For Everybody,” so here’s a classic Piper promo from San Francisco’s legendary Cow Palace. TROY to the GOAT. Hero of Heroes, here at the MSGV Podcast.


The great Pentagon Jr! (or whatever he’s currently calling himself due to trademark logistics)


Pentagon Jr. and Zack Sabre Jr. selling some tees.


Gerry and Zack Sabre Jr.


APW “We Out Here” was “too sweet.” Can’t wait to go back for their Cow Palace show in May.


Cody Rhodes vs. Pentagon Jr. in the main event.


This is a shirt I remember fools wearing when I was in 6th grade.


Thinking back, the fact that Herbert Slater Junior High School (now Middle School)’s mascots were “The Spartans” makes an awful lot of sense. WELCOME TO HELL!


TROY Columbia House.


My imaginal landscape at around age 12-13.


This rough and real performance would go on to influence me for the rest of my life.


You can only get their demo tape at the Last Record Store!



HEY EVERYBODY, it is I, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, back with Episode 4 of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast.

This time around I’m still on the music beat, continuing to slog through my history as a fan of pop music in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and beyond.

Picking up where we left off, I take a look at my youthful interest in 80’s pop music, my falling for the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson, my stint as a breakdancer, and my intense but short-lived time listening to The Beatles.

The WWE Royal Rumble was recently in the books when I recorded this, so I also give a quick shout to some Rumble memories of days gone by, as well as a tip of the cap to the 20th Anniversary of the video game Final Fantasy VII.

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Episode 4 Show Notes –



HEY EVERYBODY it is I, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, back with Episode 3 of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast on the I See Robots Radio Network. On this episode I take a look at the recent holiday season, seasonal anxiety, and a show I played over the holidays with my band The Invalids.

After that, it’s a muddled road as we plow through some of my weird family tree en route to talking about my history and memories as a fan of popular music in the 1980’s, 1990’s, and the 2000’s. Of course I bit off more than I could chew with this topic, so we don’t get out of the 1980’s, but if you’d like to join me for my thoughts on my earliest memories of MTV and my grade school infatuation with hair metal, sit back and enjoy the ride. And if not? Hey, who can blame you!

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Episode 3 Show Notes –

Exhibit A: Yours truly, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, playing in the teenage version of his band, The Invalids.


Exhibit B: Yours truly, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, playing in the middle aged version of his band, The Invalids.


Here’s the video that started decades of my dubious taste in pop music. Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (1984):


For me, “The Warrior” (1984) is a template for the perfect song. Gaudy, anthemic, over the top. If you don’t like this, you don’t like fun. Also the video is F-ing amazing.


The intro to this song (1983) and the call and response instruments on the pre-chorus are synonymous with my childhood. What’s love got to do with it? The fact that I love this song! And the video is so tuff!


Ok, dude, Motley Crue…they were D&D come to life with some elements of sci fi, comic books, pro wrestling, and horror movies. The perfect cocktail to send an 8 year old’s life off the rails for years to come.


Thanks for listening to Episode 3! More descent into my horrible taste in music is ahead on the next episode of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast on the I See Robots Radio Network!


HEY EVERYONE, it is I, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, back with the second episode of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast on the I See Robots Radio Network!

Today’s show is a look at my failed attempts to hang out with skateboard kids back when I was in 6th grade. It’s a humbling tale of self deprecation, but also a reminder that even the world’s biggest dweeb can come out OK on the other side. And I still contend that T&C Surf Design tees were the coolest!

Join us for this trip to the days when Lucero t-shirts were aplenty, Thrasher magazines were ubiquitous, and skateboarders took their protocol more seriously than Robert’s Rules of Order at a Rotary Club Meeting.

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Episode 2 Show Notes –

Farewell Santa Claus. We dug you here at Sensational Manor, but those days are done, and it’s time to rip that band-aid off…


The Robotech Role-Playing Game will always be the gold standard for the Fall and early Winter in the mind of “Mr. Sensational.”


Interestingly, I associate the Invid Invasion book with the Spring. Bookends, figuratively and literally I suppose…


Was there ever a marketing campaign that got you more juiced up for Christmas presents (before you even realized Christmas season was coming) than Tyco…of course?


Here’s a handy guide to the difference between stone-washed and acid-washed jeans. Essential!


I hadn’t looked at the old T&C Surf Design t-shirts in a good 20 years or more before recording this episode. They still hold up super well, imo. Why didn’t these fools ever have their own cartoon? Apparently the cast of characters are officially known as “Da’ Boys,” and were conceived by a fellow named Steve Nazar.


Love these comic book cover inspired designs:



The infamous Schmidt Stick caged creature:


Some skateboard kids from the ’80s. They’ve got the protocol down!


This was the Per Wellinder deck I had in 6th grade. The Cadillac of skateboards!


Until next time, thanks for listening!

unknownAS MAY BE apparent, I haven’t been active in maintaining the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega blog site for quite awhile. Truth be told, I’ve been pretty busy with other things and haven’t had the time to focus on writing.

I was considering hanging up the old creative spirt entirely, but that’s not really possible. Instead, I’m happy to announce that I’m now diverting the ruminations I would’ve put here in writing into a verbal format.

From here on out, the main purpose of this blog will be to support my new project, The “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast, available via the I See Robots Radio Network. Stay tuned here for new show announcements and secondary materials for show episodes.

Simon_Gotch_bioWHEN I FIRST heard about the Great Simon Gotch, he was toiling in the indies under the tutelage of Harley Race. Then a few years passed, and I heard the amazing news that he’d been signed to a WWE developmental deal.

At the time, NXT was still embryonic, and nothing resembling the boutique crown jewel of the WWE brand that it is today. Then NXT began to change, and grow, and Simon Gotch was there for the whole process.

Soon he was regularly featured on NXT programming, went on to win the NXT tag team titles, ended up in a WWE video game, and is even slated to have his own action figure. Amidst all this, I kind of lost sight of his ultimate goal: getting to the main WWE roster.

I’m the demographic that NXT is targeted toward, so for me, he’d already “made it.” But when I heard that he and his tag team partner Aiden English (together The Vaudevillains) had been promoted to the big show, it suddenly dawned on me. This MF is going to be appearing on Smackdown tonight! That’s real! That’s huge!

I’m super stoked for Simon Gotch. For those of us North American wrestling lifers, there is nothing bigger than WWE. Sure, many of us have a dysfunctional fan relationship with the company, but at the end of the day, it is the big leagues. And tonight, Simon Gotch is going to be lacing up his boots and walking out on that big stage, the Stage of the Immortals. No one can ever take that away from him. Well done, Simon Gotch, and congratulations!